Friday, 11 November 2016


Free Welcome Bonus: $10.00 on link and make sign up

2.Confirm verification email after registration ID verification completed(update picture of yourself with your user id,look picture,under tab "bank")

4.verified at least one payment method (PayPal, Payza)
Go to tab " my account" fill up your profile
Go tab " Bank" then Payment Information" and update your information, ( you need fill up at least one payment processor ;paypal or payza )
For paypal , under "Acc Number" leave this blank

5.need to share your share link at least once
click on the tab "how to earn" find your share link there
copy it and share it on facebook and have them click it from facebook at least once, you can also use other sites

How can the members make 97% and not bankrupt the company?
1. No share holders to squeeze the company for profits.
2. No venture capitalists to pay back.

Here is how it works.

Phase 1. - Bootstrap

(Supports thousands of members).
For the first year all the money in the economy was invested by me personally.

Phase 2. - Tycoon Investment

(Supports Economy of Hundreds of Thousands of members).
This is the current phase that we just entered which caused the drop in gold values.
In this phase as people purchase the rights for the cities the injection of money will drive the
 price of gold back up.

Phase 3. - Commercial Sponsorship

(Millions of Members).
With the high volume of users Advertisers will be easy to attract.
97% of all revenue will go to the members 3% to
The Tycoons will take their 12% From the gold earned in the cities they lease the rights to.

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 Invite Number is 470258