Thursday, 10 November 2016

Earn ALT coins for Free

New POS Coin - PoSWallet (PoSW)!

  • Store your coins in an online wallet and benefit from group staking
  • Solve faucets and earn alt coins 
  • Ability to send coins anywhere in the world, instantly
  • Low transaction fees - you keep the coins you stake. Fees pay for the faucets

The development team is currently working hard on an altcoin for the group stake movement - PoSW. We estimate that the coin wallet will be available on 01/01/17 - currently testing some of the features we are implementing. It will be a pure POS coin with a 0% stake rate (ironic!) and 250,000,000 total coins. Coins will be stored in a master address and distributed either in the presale, as rewards for members, or as dividends.  
All profits made from PoSW will be paid out as dividends to all holders of the PoSW coin on a quarterly basis.

Use the following information to understand the purchase price - get in early before the price goes up!
  • Before 11/21/2016: 0.000006 BTC = 6 PoSW
  • Before 12/01/2016: 0.000006 BTC = 2 PoSW
  • Before 01/01/2017: 0.000006 BTC = 1 PoSW

So far, ~1,400,000 PoSW coins have been purchased! We are implementing a page on this site to view your PoSW balance over the next few days. More details coming soon!

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